Jewellery Care

Metal and Plated Jewellery Care

Please use only warm soapy water to clean your beautiful new jewellery. A metal specific polishing cloth, or specialised jewellery cleaner can also be used to rejuvenate your piece. Some of our jewellery pieces are unpolished and can change colour over time (especially if left unworn). This is not a manufacturing fault, just a feature of the material.

Just a heads up - gold-plated jewellery is delicate and may scratch or wear over time. We offer our customers gold plating renewal on their items whenever necessary. We're happy to arrange this at minimal expense to the you, our lovely customer. And no worries - we'll cover the freight costs. We don't charge extra for this service or profit from it.


Pearl Care

Pearls are porous (they have little holes air can escape through) and therefore caring for your pearls is very important. Without the right TLC, the natural beauty and value of your pearls may be diminished. Please do not drop your pearl jewellery on hard surfaces, submerge in water, wear with open woven clothing, spray with perfume or expose to cream/makeup of any kind. Pearls should be cleaned with a damp cloth but never submerged in water or sprayed with cleaning products. A good rule of thumb is to put on you pearl jewellery on last.